Our Staff

Karen Cruise : Owner/Groomer

Karen Cruise


Karen took classes in pet grooming in 1976, when she decided secretarial work wasn’t for her. She has always loved dogs and cats; and, even as a young child, would be out brushing or bathing her childhood friend’s dog, while the rest were in the house playing with their Barbies! Her grooming instructor was amazed at how fast she learned the necessary skills, as well as her ability to keep the pets calm and relaxed during their grooming experience. She was hired after completing school, and spent the next four years learning the many styles of haircuts for all breeds. She groomed for a local veterinarian for seven years, as well as for other grooming establishments in the Palm Beaches. After working for Groomie’s for 14 years, the owners decided to relocate and she purchased the business in 2005. She has increased her client base over the years, mainly through referrals from the many satisfied customers. She has a strong bond with her client’s pets, and has six dogs of her own. Karen loves animals and loves what she does…….making them look their very best!!

Jennifer Bickel : Manager/Groomer

Jennifer Bickel


Jennifer is Karen’s daughter, who also shares a love for animals. She started working for Groomie’s in 2004 as a bather; and, when her mom bought the business in 2005, started her training in grooming and other aspects of running the business. She has worked very hard to become proficient with her grooming skills, and has her mom’s “eye” for style. Her grooming skills are top notch. Jennifer is very popular with the pet owners and they love her enthusiasm and her caring concern for their precious pets. Karen can now rest assured that when she is away on vacation, that the shop is in great hands, and Jennifer can deliver the same personalized service and great haircuts that they are used to.

Jenna Harker : Asst. Manager/Prep Groomer

Jenna Harker

Asst. Manager/Prep Groomer

Jenna came to Groomie’s in 2012 and was hired as our primary bather. Her past retail experience has also been an asset in helping out with the busy phones and in handling customers as they drop off or pick up dogs. She has since been learning to groom, and is now an accomplished prep groomer. Jenna has become a valuable member of the Groomie’s team. She loves working with the animals and wants to continue furthering her skills and to eventually have her own business. Jenna is mom to two dogs, and also pet sits for our clients’ dogs when they are out of town.

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